Hello everyone,

As you may know the server has 'closed' a few weeks ago due to overall server problems, we the leadership team though it would be for the better to close it down and rebuild the whole 'Kingdom' back to something more RPG as it was mostly a mix of survival and very little RPG. Mango left me with a few problems that i had to take care when i took over the server (In no means bad) as a closer look into how the server was setup i found that while there was some great things that made it a little unique there still was not much to give the server a care (hints; players leaving faster then they joined).. Me and the leadership took the step to let the server sleep for a while.. So we could talk about what would happend to kingdoms in the coming days. We came down the idea that we would redesign the whole server from the ground up, to really get the feel of a 'complete' server and not something that was build in a few days with ton of problems and things not working. And here we are Plans for a 100% redo of the whole server and more Kingdom RPG then ever before i'm wiling to bet that you have NEVER played on kingdoms on how the 'Kingdom 2.0' is gonna be. It will have 90% more RPG then the old Kingdom have or ever had for that matter. As stated in the news post.. This Kingdom 2.0 update is gonna ensure the lifespan of kingdoms in the long run. Sure we could just let the server run as how mango left and 'just' keep it online for old members, but as a Owner you also want to progress to keep things fun and challenge yourself as a human to try new things. While i feel sad for just closing something down that people have played on and build on for a very long time, you also have to ask youself is this even 'fun'??. To play on the same thing over and over?.. This is the reason of Kingdom 2.0 to get old members back and new ones too.. The content will be bigger then ever and the server will be more *2018* then 2013.

Founder of MC-Kingdom