Moving forward

When we stopped the server a few months ago i felt like that i killed something great, and if you are not in the loop then a few months ago we stopped running MC-kingdoms Minecraft server as it not get the players we wanted and the content was poor. I had a hard time getting my head around the server when i first took it over for mango, the content that he had built was good for the months that it was running, but as i want to develop MC-kingdoms (both name and server) a change had to happen i again had a hard time fixing things when many of the stuff was not cooperating together (plugins) and a few was not working on the version that we had running (1.12.2) sure i could just downgrade the server to a lower server version but then other plugins would not work so as you can see i had little hard time developing things when was not working together or flat out not working as intended. So as said above a 'change' had to happen and that change is a whole new server and remake of MC-kingdom called '2.0' i have already torched this in my blog 1 about that the server will have TON more RPG for everyone to do.

A little world teaser :)